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I find it interesting to see how as the web evolves, patterns emerge that can form a set of conventions we can label such as a blog or more recently an app store.  The idea of an app store isn’t new, I’m sure in some way there was something similar before iTunes came along but when a new one launches in 2010, in Google’s Chrome Web Store, it lifts the entire set of conventions, naming and grouping pretty much wholesale from Apple’s offering.  Is this now what we expect in terms of an app store?  Is this the best or most efficient way to provide access to this kind of content?

Of course an app store is pretty much a e-commerce site but differs in the way that it’s far more direct.  In Chrome’s case you can browse for an app and install it straight into your browser.  Far more powerful than extensions or plug-ins, many don’t seem like a natural fit (to me) but might become more apparent once Chrome OS has launched.

So, is Google choosing to play directly with people’s experiences using iTunes (or similar) to help adoption or are they saying this is the best way of enabling people to discover the apps they want?

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8th December, 2010