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It’s been a long time coming but I’m working on what this site should be…on paper at first.  Obviously as it is, it’s a standard off the shelf WordPress theme, which is text-heavy and quite dull and doesn’t really reflect who I am and what I do very well.  So I’m taking it back to basics, which follows one of the ideas I always bash on about – make everything justify it’s existence.  I’ve got all the standard conventions present on here that constitute a blog but most aren’t needed for what I want to communicate.

Aside from actually designing the site, it’s also about focus.  I don’t do masses of design work so it’s not exactly a portfolio.  Some of the work I do is either for an agency’s client and so I’m limited as to what I can say about it – not easy if it’s been front or back code or even a bit of IA.  It’ll be interesting to figure that one out.  Is it purely to generate leads for work?  That’s obviously a major focus but I think after a long time not using the blog and pretty much just using Twitter, it’d be good to write for the love of writing and spark discussion.

May well blog this out as I go and see what form it takes…

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17th November, 2010