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I was talking someone through using Twitter last week somehow painting the picture of how beyond the box they prompt you with, people have found so many ways of using it. So I got to the part about relationships on Twitter and got to thinking about my own account.

I follow over 2000 people. When I write it down like that, it’s stupid. The reality is that from that number, are all accounts still active? From those that are, how many are still used? When you get down to it, there’s probably a few hundred people that post regularly. Still a big number.

Twitter is a good case of how we deal with near real time data. Personally, I have lists I barely use but choose to dip in and out, get a feel of what’s going on and move on with my life. It doesn’t always pan out like that and I’ll have times when I reach for phone to check way too often.

It’s a stream. It flows quickly. Sometimes you might want to swim in it, other times just get your feet wet. Dry off and get on with your life.

It’s often only when I get a break to somewhere with poor phone reception and no Internet I remind myself of that. It’s an important lesson for me at least as more flows of information comes at us like this.

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9th November, 2010