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I was really lucky to be able to head back to WDC again this year.  Alex had stepped up his game again and used a bigger venue and as such we had a bigger crowd, which was great to see.  So here’s my impressions and what I got out of it…


It’s not every day you get to speak at an event when you’ve got such great and talented company.  I find it weird being on the same bill as these guys!  There’s Mark Boulton, Anna Debenham, John O’Nolan, Elliott Kember and Gav Strange & Dan Efergan, Keir Moffat & Tom Holder – and all for a bargain price.  Most of these guys I’d been aware of through Twitter and all had something great to offer.  It was interesting to see how through all of our talks there were some common themes and certainly enthusiasm & a love for what we do.

My Session

I’ve had a bunch of ideas I’ve been working with for a while, which I started to get into some kind of shape in my talk ‘Breaking The Page’.  As WDC has a mainly student audience, I wasn’t sure how far to go with some of the content and seeing the numbers, got quickly nervous!  What I hoped to get across was that we need to be aware of keeping a higher level view of what we create all the way down to the little details through design or development.  We need to allow ourselves to think amazing things regardless of constraints or preconceptions such as those through metaphors like the ‘page’ – while it helped people to adapt to using the web, things like this can hold us, the creators back.  I threw in a quick run though how I see the web: through social objects and elements reminiscent of the periodic table.  It seemed to go down fairly well – I would’ve been pleased if a couple of people really got it ;)

What I got from it

Across all of the sessions there were aspects of professional and freelance life which whether we’re experienced or not were all really valuable.  Mark gave us a great view on client relationships.  John got me with his real passion and has certainly encouraged me to do more with my own stuff.  This blog has been all but ignored since getting more into Twitter.  The design is just an off-the-shelf theme.  None of it really represents me and what I do.

Through all that I got from every one of the speakers – this is something I can do right away, starting with this post.  Micro-blogging is a misnomer – I’ve in no way ‘micro-blogged’ through Twitter and yet not posted anything long or short form through this blog.  It’s interesting how priorities change and as new tools come and go, where efforts lie.

Time to get some focus on my little corner of the web I think!

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31st October, 2010