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I’m really pleased that on Monday Rich Clark and I are launching our own take on web conferences, ‘Speak the Web’.  We’re covering four cities and have drafted in some great names to speak.  Check out

Rich and I had been talking for a while about doing some kind of conference or event, some ideas realy grand and ambitious.  After a while we kind of distilled what we like about going to these kinds of events: getting somethign out of hearing some speakers enthuse about their chosen subject and have a drink and meet some new people.  So, Speak the Web, the series of evening web conferences in the style of a gig were born!

We’ve been fortunate enough that the format has appealed to some great figures in the industry from Andy Clarke (who is also a sponsor of the events with his ‘for a beautiful web’ workshops), Simon Collison (Erskine Design), Brendan Dawes (magneticNorth), Bruce Lawson, Patrick Lauke & Chris Mills (Opera) and many more.  A part of what we hoped to do is show how much great talent is actualy based in the North.  It’s quite weird there hasn’t been a big conference to utilise this fact!

There were a few things that were important to us: keeping the cost low, promoting grassroots events and giving anything we make over our costs to charity.  So far, so good!

If you can make it over to any of the events in Leeds, Liverpool, Sheffield or Manchester between the 8th and 17th February 2010 -  tickets are available now and there’s a ‘tour pass’ which gives you a ticket for all 4 dates with 15% off!

Hope to see you there ;)

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20th January, 2010