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I hold my hands up and admit I’ve not updated this blog in a while.  There are good reasons however!  First of all, there’s the balance between micro-blogging through Twiter and a conventional blog – I’ve been avidly updating through Twitter and not taking the time to actually write full blog posts abotu many of the ideas and issues I’ve meant to.

Another great reason is the change in my job.  I’ve recently gone full-time freelance, which has already been a rollercoaster ride!  I foolishly though that starting out, I would have the time to turn this site into something more representative of who and what I am at the moment.  While I’ve been through many design iterations for my branding and design, I’ve yet to book time into my schedule for my own site.  I can’t complain about being busy though!

Shortly I’ll be taking the whole site down and slowly build up the new one in phases.  There’s a few interesting ideas I’d like to demo with it…

I’ve been booked to talk at the Web Developers Conference down in Bristol later in the year with the likes of Elliot Jay Stocks, Jon Hicks and Sarah Parmenter after last year being on a panel.  Really looking forward to it, especially in such illustrious company!

In the meantime, if you’d like to get in touch, please drop me a line at dan [at]  or follow me on Twitter as @hereinthehive

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12th June, 2009