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The Twitterverse first started the word going round about this yesterday after Philipp Lenssen scanned in a comic he’d been sent from Google (which they’ve now posted up), telling the story of why and how they’ve finally made their own browser: Chrome.

There’s long been rumours of a ‘GBrowser’ coming and it seems that Chrome will be built on WebKit (which powers Safari), so hopefully we as developers won’t have to bust a nut fixing every site we’ve done to render well in it!Ã?  TechCrunch has some of the first screenshots and demos up, showing the newer interface and integration with Gears.Ã?  But although it follows the Google minimal aesthetic, it seems that most of the work is under the bonnet as John Resig points out in his blog relating to how the new javascript rendering engine will be a killer feature.Ã?  Each tab will in effect be an instance of the browser with independent memory allocated; so if one tab crashes, it won’t effect any others.

For far more detail and more in-depth analysis, I recommend you read Chris Messina’s post (Factory Joe), Mashable and of course Google’s own blog!

This could well be a game changer.Ã?  Although Google are still helping to fund Mozilla, this could well be to hedge their bets and between Chrome and Firefox, try usurp Microsoft’s dominant position, which could in turn force MS to step-up their game yet again.Ã?  It’s a shame if because of Mozilla’s apparent lack of direction or cohesive plan for the future, that it might end up getting left behind; for all it’s memory leaks and little glitches I do enjoy using and developing on it.Ã?  Still Opera 9 is a sweet bit of kit.

Like John Hicks, I too am a browser polygamist!

Update: Firefox chief quoted by the Guardian.

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2nd September, 2008