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It can be too easy to be a web developer in isolation, whether your working in an agency getting your head down or as a freelancer working from home, so I’m making moves to get more immersed in the web community.  Aside from using more social tools like Twitter, I’m getting out to dConstruct (my first conference in years) followed by BarCampBrighton3 (my first BarCamp!).  Hoping to got a few others too (Geek in the Park, SocialMediaCamp as well as finally making it GeekUp meet-ups).  I’ve even been asked to be on a panel with Elliot Jay Stocks at the Web Developer’s Conference down in Bristol this year in November (cheers Alex).

So far, so good!  Give me a shout if you’re going to any of these events or have any others that are worth checking out.

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31st July, 2008