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First up, I stumbled upon this post by Jacob Madison ‘Social Network Sites Are The Emperor’s New Clothes‘, which has a great handle on the current situation with Data Portability and social networks. It’s great to read a similar point of view to my own that a social networks’ real value isn’t in the amount of users’ data it has in it’s silo but how much attention (visits, time on site, APML) it or it’s services are getting from the people that use their services.

It looks like Facebook is enforcing it’s ownership of your communication now; see ‘Facebook Censoring User Messaging: Spam Prevention or Unaccountable Control of Conversation?‘.  If this is the case, what are they afraid of?  Is it that people discussing niche networks are attempting to get their friends to use another service, so they’re censoring personal messages.  This is a sad day for what I used to think was a decent service.

It’s great to see people talking about some of the wider issues of using the web as a more social medium.  We all know that since the web started it has been a communications platform (BBS, etc) but now we’re almost socialising everything and the implications of what it actually means to be ‘social’ in terms of our personal information, communication, interests and our network(s) of contacts are becoming clear it’s an interesting time to see how we can tackle the issues we find.

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22nd May, 2008