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Through my ton of feeds I found these today, which are pretty interesting…

First of all, Chris Messina has a great lengthy post about data portability, which explains a bit about it, the good, the bad, the benefits. Definitely worth a read!

It’s also worth checking out this post about how OpenID and APML could be used in shopping online and another from Carsten ‘Data Portability? Let’s get rid of it‘. On the whol, he has a valid point. There’s so many people and groups trying to find a means of sharing personal information and our networks. There’s loads of interrelated technologies involved in this openness of data and many big companies all involved in the processes behind establishing a way forward.

It’s great to have some big names on board, to help finalise a easy way to implement a way of providing an open service but at the same time they’re trying out their own initiatives. The idea of people open is fraught with problems and issues around privacy and security but for the (developer section of the) public, having so many examples of data portability emerging throughout the web just makes for uncertainty – if you’re creating an app or extending one you already have and want to embrace the idea of openness what do you do? Do you wait for one of these working groups to produce something you can latch on to? Select one of the big initiatives (OpenSocial, Data Availability, etc) or maybe figure it out for yourself?

This makes the ideas of being open and sharing data still seem a long way off in practical terms. I’m sure though that if enough people discuss the issues and prove technologies and implementations it can’t be long before developing around these ideas can be a more fundamental part of how we make sites and applications on the web.

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12th May, 2008