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Following on from a previous post (Why Blog?) and now that I’m a more avid blogger, I’ve got a few reasons why web developers should blog.

First of all, when I was thinking about this on my journey home I realised it’s the careerists I’m talking about.  If you do web development for a day job and you leave it behind when you leave there’s no slur intended but if you’re someone who has a passion for anything on the web – share it.

Build a personal brand

I hate that heading already!  Who wants to be branded?  Using a marketing word makes me a little uncomfortable but in the end that’s what we’re doing.  It’s how you get known for your opinions and sharing what you know.  In many ways it’s as good as a CV because you can over time show the depth of your passion and understanding for your specific interests and show how you’ve developed.


If people read what you write and comment, it’s a basic form of networking and with using networking sites like LinkedIn and showing that on your blog it can encourage networking opportunities.

Hone your knowledge / question what you think you know 

I have to admit that since I’ve been writing more here and on LinkedIn’s Q&A section, it’s really helped me to think through ideas or notions I have.  The process of putting these into words can be really beneficial.


Within web development (and the millions of niche subjects within) there’s well known bloggers or sites out there such as Cameron Moll and Jeffrey Zeldman and sites like Site Point and A List Apart for example.  I think even though the average web developer will have very few subscribers (at least to begin with) it can help you feel like your a part of something bigger and that you can help share information and express your opinion.

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9th May, 2008