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I dreaded that we’d soon reach the point of trying to label what web3.0 would be. The fantasy, the conjecture – stop now! While web2.0 grouped a collection of technologies, design and concepts, it’s implied versioning of the web is proving counter-productive. These are tools to help us do our jobs as developers, buzzwords to explain concepts to investors and that’s about it. Read/Write Web has a decent post on this.

As that post illustrates, the v3 of the web has many ideas because the web doesn’t work like that. There are a lot of great and interesting technologies out there but let’s not try and dump them all together, eh.

There are still many sites out there which aren’t accessible, which aren’t usable and some which have no point at all. Are these relics of web 1.0 or v1.5? While we look to the future of cloud computing and the socialisation of the web, we need to keep pushing to bring every site up to a decent standard with these basics in mind. The average user might not have even heard of web2.0 (thank god) and these are the people that need our help as developer now.

Make sites work better for people. Leave the buzzwords at home.


I just read this piece over at OnStartUps, which feels much the me way – and this one – web4.0, are you kidding?

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25th April, 2008