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I’ve long been a fan of what OpenID is trying to do – effectively provide a means of managing log-ins and accounts of many sites from once source; your identity.  With it being a technical solution it’s had problems breaking through into the mainstream.  Maybe because it’s not used on many big sites that non-techies might use or it’s not clearly labelled as such.

A little while ago both AOL & Orange / France Telecom made all of their accounts openIDs, so these could be used for logging in to other sites with but I’m not sure how well this has worked.  Maybe a new start-up called ClickPass could put a better public face on it?

There’s a great blow-by-blow account of their launch day, which is interesting in itself but what about ClickPass itself?  From reading the developer docs, it should be pretty easy to implement and they offer guidance of how to implement in many languages from PHP to Java to .net and more.

Who knows, maybe this could actually breakthrough?

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27th March, 2008