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I suppose I’m in a pondering mood…

Isn’t the nature of the web that it is likely to always be broken?  Literally anyone can make a website using any number of tools or hand-coded.  If you want to code your own HTML or javascript or anything else, there’s no real elitism there.  If you fancy a crack at it, you can.  That’s an amazingly powerful thing and one of the best things about the Internet, but it’s also it’s also a major hindrance in the evolution of the medium.

As an experienced web developer, you have to still deal with the way that browsers are different in their interpretation of standards – Internet Explorer even has an issue with it’s own legacy in trying to adhere to common standards.  Anyone can make a website but not even every professional agency sticks to accessibility standards or produces code that is good for their own search engine rankins so what chance does ‘the semantic web’ have?

Are we in the inevitable position that because the Internet so quickly grew beyond it’s intent that we’re always trying to find ways of working around the inherent imperfections that the majority of web pages have (as there are many floating out there which may still be live from their inception more than 10 years ago).

Maybe it should be our job as web developers to share our knowledge more freely with people that want to learn how to make sites and always encourage software (and therefore browser) vendors to aim for the best we can achieve.  The web is for everyone but maybe those with experience should help it to move on.

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25th March, 2008