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I’ve got to admit that I do end up doing this from time to time – throwing everything at a project or several projects and feeling burnt out by it.  I’m not quite there again but not far off.  The thing I still wrestle with is knowing when to stop.  Deadlines exist and from time to time there will be a bottleneck it’s difficult to work around but working to the point of burn out is often counter-productive.

Recently I’ve had to get a site turned around really fast; actually faster than I would’ve advised but a deadlines a deadline.  I worked late at work and worked evenings and weekends and broke the back of the project in surprisingly fast time but there was still work to do done.  As a colleague at work reminded me; it’s often the last 10% that takes the most effort.  The problem is after working every hour you can to climb that mountain, it’s allowing enough energy to get the last 10% done right and on time that’s the difficult bit.  I’m still working on that!

It can be too easy to throw everything you have at a project and leave yourself short – so, fellow web developer take this as a small cautionary tale.  Look after yourself.  At the end of the day you don’t always do your projects any favours and you can personally pay for it once the project is complete. 

Drop me a comment if you have any ideas or suggestions, eh.

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8th March, 2008