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I’ve been talking over these ideas of mine to friends that understand technology, which is a good place to start… There’s a few things that occurred to me:

  • The ‘pitch’ you’ll need later on can help the evolution of your idea to some degree. By working on a narrative to the pitch you should aim to walk someone through from familiar concepts through to the more advanced or difficult concepts.
  • You need to have several heads on when thinking through your plans: technology/development, business and most important of all – your audience/customer.

Always be aware of who’ll be using your site or service. Why should they use it? Who are they? How technologically literate are they?

Often in usability, scenarios are used to simulate a section of their audience. This could mean putting a face to a narrow demographic and attempting to understand their needs and familiarity with certain technologies for example. I’ve found through thinking about my project like this, it can give me a bit of distance from getting carried away from this bit that interest me – it’s the end users (and other stakeholders such as advertisers and investors) that need to be considered from the outset.

It’s this train of thought that, for me overlaps with the idea of a pitch helping progress an idea, even at its earliest stage. How can you pitch your idea to these stakeholders or audience members? If it can’t be done without using jargon or far removed concepts then it needs work.

#3 Know your audience and make your pitch

Right from the beginning, be sure that your project isn’t just something you’d like – try and think if other people would use it and what assumptions your making about your audience. How will it make money? What other people are involved in funding it?

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5th November, 2007