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I’ve not made the most of my blog in the past, but it occurred to be that loads of people have a ‘big idea’ of their own, so maybe I could use this as a way of exploring how I go about trying to do something with mine, whether it works or not.

Without giving away (yet) what exactly my idea is, it is clearly too big in scope to be a hobby project. So what do you do?

I’ve had these ideas growing in my head for a while, so I can see the whole picture but have always found it difficult to explain it to anyone else – not because it’s complicated as such but because it’s not left my head, I’ve not had to think about it in that way.

#1 – What is it?

I’ve read in many blogs both about business and film-making that you need to be able to communicate your idea in the shortest space possible. In film, the plot often needs to be condensed to 20-25 words, getting the set-up and concept of the film across and giving a hook to entice people to want to see the movie. It’s not too different in terms of pitching a business idea; for an idea to go somewhere, people need to be able to get the point very quickly or you’ve lost them.

It’s in this that I’ve been spending a lot of time recently. Through getting a few like-minded friends to have a listen to me ramble, it’s helped to almost get it down to a pitch-style level. This is something I could literally talk about for hours and it’s weird to try and get the essence of it into a paragraph!

So, what are the core concepts? Why is your idea different from anyone else’s? If it’s something you think of turning into a business – how is it going to make money? Could it be easily copied by a competitors? Who would your competitors be?

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28th October, 2007